South Africa

See what South Africa has to offer with all its majestic wildlife such as The Big 5, 300 species of indigenous bird species and breathe in the sweet aroma of 1000 different species of fynbos in the Western Cape. 

Visit our large varieties of private game reserves in the Eastern Cape and take a gander at our historic buildings and the fascinating architecture they hold. Learn from local guides on topics such as the Khoisan tribes, the original South Africans, and the artwork they left behind in their stony time capsules in the form of caves rich with ancient fossils. 

Visit Hogsback, the town known for a lot of the inspiration behind The Lord Of The Rings novels by J.R.R Tolkien where his place of birth and muse remains a topic of controversy. 

We have no doubt that South Africa is the country responsible for the inspiration of many fables and fairy tales.

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