Desert, Delta & Savannah Tour

Delightful, daring and distance are three words that encapsulate the essence of our 21 day Desert, Delta & Savannah tour starting off with our first 10 days spent cruising through to Namibia from Cape Town. See the historical landmarks of Windhoek and Swakopmund as well as the vast open terrain of the Namib Desert unfold before you as we dart through to Etosha National Park. 

Leave Namibia in our dust as we cross the Botswana border to feast our eyes on the Okavango Delta. Make it a point to explore water canals and go from the dry desert to the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe by day 16. The latter days of the tour will consist mostly of leisurely activities as we approach the South African border once more.

Enjoy the melancholic cruise back to Cape Town via the Northern Cape, making a stop at Victoria Trading Post for one last memory before we take on the road home.

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