Take an exclusive tour through the capital of Vietnam by taking the famous Xich Lo ride and enjoying the charm, tranquility and cuisine of this fine nation. 

Educate yourself by visiting the 11th century Temple of Literature or even stop by the Hanoi Hilton Prison and even the Ethnology museum.

Soak up the sun as you gaze over hundreds of jungle-clad limestone pillars in the Tonkin Gulf also known as the “Bay of Descending Dragons”.

This is your opportunity to cave dive, swim and canoe until you can’t keep up anymore which will be an excellent time to move on to Hue city

Feast your eyes on all the lakes, lagoons and fishing villages your surroundings have to offer. Climb the stairs of the Marble mountain where you can peer off the peak of the highest mountain of the five elements more commonly referred to as “Water Mountain”. 

All the rest will be picturesque scenery of temples, ox rides, local lifestyle and rice paddies, just as you’ve always imagined.

This is a tour to remember as the trip that restored your soul with its ambiance, tranquility and spiritual inner peace. 

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